21 Days and Counting, Then 30

Counting today, there are 21 days until I race in the Lake Lure Triathlon; my first triathlon since 2010 and I am getting really excited about that race.  In fact, I have been so excited about the race and confident in my training, that I just signed up for another triathlon in Washington DC, on Sunday, September 10th (51 days away)!  I have never been that spontaneous, but when I saw the event advertised in Triathlete magazine, I thought, “I’m free that weekend, Why not?” I immediately went online and registered for the “Nation’s Triathlon!”  Plus, it’s also the week after my BIG 40, so it’s going to be a happy birthday road trip to myself in a city where I once lived, worked and can visit some old friends and old clients.


Training for these races has been tough with early mornings and tired muscles, but I have gotten addicted to the training and I feel really good.  It has also started to become much easier to get up and go to the gym, or to stay there longer, because I’m starting to see the results in better times and distances when I train.  For instance, when I started to specifically train for the Lake Lure Triathlon I was running two to three miles at a time and at a pace of 10 to 10 1/2 minutes per mile.  Just this month alone, I have ran over 50 miles, am averaging over four miles per run, and running at a pace of eight minutes per mile.   That’s at least a six minute time savings on the run portion alone in a sprint triathlon compared to how fast I was running earlier in the year.  My confidence in my training has increased so much and I am having so much fun getting ready for these races.  I do have a goal for the Lake Lure Triathlon and that’s also part of my motivation.  I not only want to improve my times from 2010, but I also want to place in the top three within my age group.  Both of these goals are achievable and are within reach.  Knowing that, I am motivated to go a little bit harder and a little bit longer each time I’m out training.

Training for an endurance sport, such as triathlon, has obviously helped me physically as well. IMG_20170720_171919  Over the past six months with training and a new healthy diet, I have seen incredible changes in my physical well-being, my strength and even my physique.  This is very motivating to me because I finally started noticing more muscle tone and was beginning to feel that increased strength I had gained during runs and swims.  Of course, like many others, I wanted those immediate results when I first started to train, but it didn’t happen very quickly.   However, with continued work and effort, I did start to notice the changes in my strength and began seeing evidence that there is a “something”-pack in my abs.  I had to buy new clothes because my “old” ones were all baggy, bunched and cinched.  Then on Thursday, it really hit me when I wrote down 192.6 lbs on my gym card.  That was down from 224.4 lbs since December 31st.  My goal was not to lose 30 lbs, but I must say, I feel as good physically as I have ever felt, I am motivated to get better and I am having so much fun training for these races!

I am motivated in many ways in my life right now, and it’s not just to train for these races or get stronger and more toned.  I am motivated by my kids to be a better dad each and every day.  At work, I have a great team and a great organization that motivates me to be the best that I can be on my job, for them and our clients.  I have also found motivation in conversations that I’ve had over the past couple of weeks about life and not getting discouraged when things get hard but to keep moving toward the destination of where I want to go and where I want to be.  Have you thought about what motivates you?   I hope you can find motivation to be who you want to be and to go after your wishes and dreams for you and your family!

Alright, it’s Saturday morning and I have some biking and running to do this morning.  Enjoy your day!