Brain dump – January 17, 2018

It’s a snowy Wednesday morning. Schools are cancelled and I’m going to take the day off to spend this winter day with the kiddos. I just put the bacon in the oven, and started the grits. My timer just started for this stream of consciousness, or a brain dump, as I like to call it.

I’m sitting here in my bed organizing the day in my head for the kids and me. Oh, and it’s a comfy bed too. I just got a new mattress on Saturday! Quite the difference for two reasons. One, my old bed was a full size and my feet hung off a little. This one is a queen, so I don’t have to lay diagonally to keep my feet from dangling.

Secondly, it is so much more comfortable than that old mattress. The difference is really amazing! I have slept so well in my new bed; the best nights’ sleeps I can remember.

My youngest daughter came in my room this morning with her lovey (kitty), her blanket and piled up on this bigger bed with me. She’s now got her tablet watching Equestria Girls as I write.

“I’m hungry, Daddy. The bacon smells so good. I love bacon.”

Snow days tend to be very stressful for me. I do love snow, but I either want none, or so much that everything in town shuts down. Today, though, I’m not worried about going into work and we are going to have a true snow day! If my little car will get up the mountain, we are going skiing later today!

Last night, we had some conversations on skiing, knowing schools would probably be cancelled. The kids have been twice this year with their mom. I haven’t seen their abilities yet, but got somewhat concerned about some of Julia’s comments, “I really don’t know how to stop. I just ski around people until I slow down enough.” Yikes, do I really want to witness my little girl snow-ski bowling down the hill? Breath Matthew! It’s okay, she can’t get going “that” fast, she’s only 57 pounds, right?. Maybe I can give her a few lessons on how to stop, or at least control her descent.

I have gotten in some great triathlon training this week. Yesterday, while I only had about 30 minutes for a swim, it was a good one. I can feel my mechanics are getting better, helping me to get faster. My endurance is also improving each session I spend in the pool. I feel confident how my training is going. I will be ready for the half ironman come June!

Mmmmmm, bacon! It’s smelling really good up here. I guess, as heat rises, so does the smell of bacon!

Last night, I just finished my first book for the year. I set a goal this year of reading at least 12 books. The book I just finished was The Whistler, by John Grisham. It was so good. Grisham is one of my favorite authors, pulling me into the intense storylines right from the beginning, making it difficult to put down. If you are looking for a legal thriller, I would recommend it.

I’m not sure what my next book will be, but here is my list of books I made to read this year. Matthew Books to Read in 2018

Bacon timer is going off. Time to make eggs and feed these kiddos.

It’s a snow day. We’re going to make the most out of it. Why not, right?